What Is The Tiny House Movement?

What is the tiny house movement? I suspect you have heard about tiny houses and wondered what they are and why people keep on talking about them?

Read on to discover what tiny homes are and why people are changing their lifestyles for the tiny house movement.

Tiny House Definition

tiny house movement

A tiny house is as the name suggests – a very small ‘tiny’ building that you live in. Some people choose to live in a tiny house permanently, in place of a regular, larger home, whereas others may decide to rent a tiny home for a vacation.

The Tiny House Movement

The tiny house movement is about more than simply downsizing though. The trend is more about embracing a new lifestyle, living a more simplistic life where you have less material ‘stuff.’

Kind of the opposite to ‘Keeping Up With The Joneses.’

The tiny house movement is a way of life, the philosophy of living with less to have more freedom – very much in line with a minimalist’s take on life.

By living in a much smaller home there is less of a financial burden that is associated with owning things, more time rich – and in turn life becomes more about experiences than ‘things.’

What Size Is A Tiny House?

There are no hard and fast rules on what size makes a house a ‘tiny house’ but in general they range from a small 50 square foot up to around 1000 square foot (with the high end being more like a small house?!) – but you get the idea.

The size of your tiny home very much comes down to personal preferences and circumstances.

How Much Does A Tiny House Cost?

This is very much a ‘it depends’ kind of an answer.

Just like regular homes, you can spend a lot of money on a tiny home – for a highly customised tiny house with luxury fittings etc you could be spending anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000.

Also like regular homes, you can opt for a more budget version – you could, depending on your skill levels, build your own tiny home for as little as $5,000 to $10,000.

Who Lives in Tiny Houses?

Tiny houses are lived in by a wide range of people – singles, couples and families, young, old and in between.

Why they live in a tiny house can also vary wildly too – it could be down to financial limitations, debt, becoming more environmentally aware, pursuing more meaningful dreams, freedom – the list is quite long!

Where Are There Tiny House Communities?

If you are looking for a more permanent location for your tiny home you might consider find a tiny house community where you can lay down some roots.

Thankfully there are a growing number of tiny home communities across America, with more springing up all the time.

Do your research before committing to relocating to a tiny house community – they vary in what they offer and some will be better suited to different lifestyles.

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Tiny Houses Outside The United States

Although the tiny house movement seems to be most popular in the United States, it is beginning to gather steam elsewhere in the world.

With tiny house builders in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and more, the downsizing lifestyle will only continue to grow.

Different Types Of Tiny Houses

There can be many different types of homes that come under the umbrella of ‘tiny homes.’

The main common thread among them is that they are all small.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but here are some different tiny home types that people from the tiny house movement have relocated to;

– Tiny houses on wheels

– Tiny Homes built on a foundation

– Converted buses

– Gypsy Wagons

– Cabins

– Container Homes

Should You Buy Or Rent A Tiny House?

Before diving in to purchasing a tiny house, it makes sense to be really sure it is for you (and anyone else potentially living with you) – is the tiny house movement a lifestyle you want to 100% commit to?

The best way is to take a tiny home vacation – not just once or twice when the weather is amazing – but a few times, in different seasons.

Or, if your circumstances allow, rent a tiny home for 1 year and see if you enjoy living in one year round.

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