Unique of the Week – Living-Room Tree Houses

Living-Room Treehouses in Wales are a truly enchanting and magical escape from the everyday stresses of modern life.

Tucked away in a stunning and remote location, the tree houses fulfil every childhood (and adult) dream of a tree top adventure.

These uber-chic tree houses are the creation of Mark Bond & Peter Canham; imagined, designed and built especially for you.

We were lucky enough to visit the tree house in July 2016 – you can read what we thought about our stay here.

Today we are catching up with the owners of Living-Room Treehouses to get the inside scoop!

When did you open?

We built our first two tree houses, “Lofty” and “Bryn Meurig Bach”, in 2011. We now have 6 treehouses for guest to stay in.

Can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind the business?

We wanted to build real tree houses, high in the trees, that pushed the boundaries a bit in tree house design. Also, we love the landscapes here, and felt that tree houses, designed to fit seamlessly into the natural environment, would be a magical way to spend a holiday.

What time of year would you recommend to visit?

The tree houses are lovely to live in all year. They have wood-burning stoves, that heat the space and the water beautifully, and are very cosy. We often have people who visit in the summer, and come back in the winter to sample a different season.

So, every season has its own beauty, particularly when viewed from 30 feet up a tree!

If a visitor only had 1 weekend, how would you suggest they spend their time?

Cosy up in front and send the children off to play in the woods!

Or go for one of the amazing walks that start at your Treehouse door!

Or spend the day sitting in the wood-fired Hot Tub!

Or chop wood, build a den, lie on a hammock and watch the clouds!

Just spend time with the people you love, far away from the outside world!

Can you recommend any special places to eat in the area?

There are some great restaurants close-by: ranging from the vegetarian “Quarry Cafe”, in Machynlleth, to the “Brigands Inn” gastro-pub and the “Number 21” bistro.

Local produce is very high quality here, so look out for lovely lamb, and, as we are close to the sea, fresh seafood dishes.

What type of guest is your accommodation suitable for?

The treehouses are romantic for couples, and magical for families. Each is located in its own natural environment, around a 5 – 10 minute walk from the car park, so an enjoyment of the outdoors is good, but not required!

The treehouses are easy to live in, and have everything you need to be very happy and cosy, deep in the heart of nature.

How would you best describe Living-Room in 3 words?

Not sure …

Magical and memorable?

Definitely not Normal?!

We have had lots of lovely comments about the tree houses – but our favourite, from a family who stayed in Gwdy Hw (pron. Goody Hoo), was simply …

“From now on, everything that is good in our lives will be called ‘Gwdy Hw’”!

A Family Tree House Experience (2 nights) costs from £379.00 and a Tree House Experience for Two (2 nights) costs from £399.00. They are closed in January but open for the rest of the year. For more information please visit Living-Room Treehouses.


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