Tiny House Communities – 13 Great Locations to Experience

Tiny houses are on the rise as many people are choosing to downsize and change their lifestyles.

The idea behind tiny house communities is straightforward, it is about bringing together tiny houses in one place to create communities that share skills, time, support and other resources.

Tiny houses come in different designs – some people have tiny homes that are mobile, and others are permanent. Tiny homes offer savings when it comes to home ownership and offer less space to be filled with clutter thus the rise of these small residences.

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The desire for people to live life in a community and to house the homeless has led to an increase of tiny houses.

Tiny house communities are springing up from vacation retreats to eco-villages, as more people embrace this idea that will shape the future of small residence living.

Below are 13 tiny house communities leading the way.

Tiny House Community Colorado

Wee Casa Tiny Home Community in Colorado

Photo by WeeCasa

Do you want a temporary tiny house experience for your next getaway to the Rockies? WeeCasa tiny houses (or casas) are ideal for nightly rentals, vacations and short-stays.

The approximate size of the tiny houses are between 165-400 square feet – and the largest house sleeps about five.

Wee Casa The Gnome Home

Photo by WeeCasa

Each home is equipped with essentials for a comfortable stay, and the houses are set up close to create a neighborhood style.

For weddings, gatherings and other events, the grounds are open for booking in this large property. The property users get to enjoy the experience of natural beauty while living in a community.

Tiny House Community South Carolina

Lake Walk Tiny House Community South Carolina

Photo by Lake Walk Tiny Home Community

Situated outside Greenville, South Carolina is the Lake Walk Community.

This lakeside property has 43 sites on 15 acres for tiny homeowners looking to park their tiny homes in the woods. This property has lot leases for a minimum of six months at $450 per month and also tiny homes on sale at a price range between $70,000-$80,000.

The Lake Walk Community offers its residents numerous utilities that will make you go tiny.

Some of the perks in this community include communal gardening, mountain views and nature trails. Begin the journey to a simple living at this tiny home movement.

Tiny House Community Florida

Orlando Lakefront at College Park is a revitalization of the 1950’s RV park and a growing tiny home community.

Whether in the sun, in the shade, or a few steps from the lake, this tiny house community has 50 spaces for lease with their lot leases ranging from $350 to $650 per month depending on location in the park.

Orlando Lakefront at College Park offers flexible stays for residents that are nightly, weekly or permanent living.

This community is close to the metropolitan area and residents can take advantage of the neighborhood attractions, theme parks, restaurants, entertainment and shopping. Relax in a quiet community on the lake.

Tiny House Community Oregon

Located in the heart of vibrant Alberta Arts District in Portland, Oregon is the Caravan Tiny House Hotel.

This unique destination offers custom made tiny houses on wheels for rent – perfect for those who want to experience tiny house living.

Built by local builders, the sizes of these tiny houses range from 120-170 square feet.

Being the first tiny house hotel in the country, Caravan tiny houses are fully independent and have state of the art utilities.

Caravan tiny houses create a circle for music, conversation, events and game gatherers.

This tiny house community allows pets, offering six tiny houses from which guests can enjoy their stay.

Tiny House Community Minnesota

Tiny house community in Minnesota The Sanctuary

Photo by The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a tiny house village and event center that offers rental spaces to park or rent your tiny house.

You can be one of the founding residents of this tiny village community that will comprise of one permanent tiny house and four other parking spaces for tiny houses.

Residents will share a common area and will have access to some of the amenities in the main house.

Rental spaces to park your tiny house are available from $350-$450 a month with a six-month minimum lease.

The Sanctuary is an adult-only community and the only pets allowed are indoor cats.

Tiny House Community Arizona

LuxTiny is a tiny house community in Lakeside Arizona.

This community comprises of 37 spaces on 6 acres with the average lot size is around 3500 square feet.

LuxTiny plans on having one large walking path and a community garden that will provide a getaway within this community.

The focus of the LuxTiny is to become a green community while providing an affordable tiny residence.

The community can help you design and build your tiny house or park model.

Most of the tiny homes at LuxTiny range between 162-399 square feet and you can own one of the houses while paying for the costs through renting.

Tiny House Community Ohio

Tiny House at Cedar Springs

Photo by Cedar Springs Tiny Village

Cedar Springs Tiny Village is described as simple living on the lake.

The village is a collaborative effort between Gerald Brubaker and Modern Tiny Living. Community gardens, mature trees, a recycling program and up to 30 waterfront lots for customers to park their houses are some of the many perks to living on this lakefront property.

Tiny House at Ohio Tiny House Community

Also, tenants can visit Natural Spring Resort for pool or beach access, or even go fishing.

The surrounding area has a lot to offer including shopping in the farmers market and snow tubing for those who love adventure.

Tiny House Community Tiny Estates Pennsylvania

Tiny Estates has 25 tiny homes on 14 acres of land. You can choose to rent one of these tiny homes for a vacation, or rent one on a longer term basis.

Alternatively, Tiny Estates also has lots available for lease whereby you can bring your own tiny home to enjoy the community.

Amenities include free parking, pet friendly and free internet for the residents. The property is well located and very close to town life from where you can get your supplies.

Whether for a night, a week or something more permanent, Tiny Estates has got you covered.

Tiny House Community GA

The Shire Village at Mountaintown is a tiny house community that is currently the largest in the southeast U.S and it aims to become the largest tiny house community in the United States.

Located on 500 acres of beautiful mountain property, The Shire Village has access to the river and lake, stunning views of the mountains of Georgia and numerous outdoor activities for its residents.

The property offers tiny custom homes on 1 acre lots, edible landscaping and an urban garden – these are just some of the green amenities one can expect in this property.

Tiny House Community Mills River, NC

Located in a picturesque setting, Acony Bell Tiny Home Village is designed with a minimalist view of life and welcomes you to enjoy simple living.

The village has permanent and long term sites for tiny homes on wheels, as well as park model tiny homes. They also offer short term vacation rentals.

A community center, community gardens, mountain bike trail and fire pit rings are some of the communal amenities.

For outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy fishing, hiking and mountain biking this is the tiny home for you.

Wake up to beautiful mountain views and streams from the deck of your tiny home.

Tiny House Community Texas

East of Dallas lies the picturesque Vintage Grace tiny house community in Yantis, Texas.

With multiple sites available for park model homes you can lease from $325-$390 per month. The community does not sell homes but leases lots or homesites.

Some of the amenities that this location offers include a community store, greenhouse, community center, tornado shelters and a community garden.

The property has a beautiful lake-side location from where you can relax and rejuvenate your spirit while sharing your lifestyle with other members of the community.

Tiny House Community California

Delta Bay in Northern California

Tiny House community Oregon

Located on the Oregon Coast is the Tiny Tranquility home community launched in 2018.

The property offers tiny houses for nightly stays, along with spaces for rent to park your tiny house and hook it up to the available utilities.

The community offers site lease agreements for short term stays for one month, and long term lease agreements for those who want to permanently reside.

The community has easy access to outdoor attractions including hiking trails, dog park, picnic and a fire pit area.

The community has indoor common areas in which you can hang out if the weather is bad and interact with others. Once you visit this tiny home it will be hard to leave.

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