11 Private Islands For Rent

Is there anything more alluring than renting a private island? Probably not. Whether you’re in the middle of the tropics or the center of the arctic circle – renting an island is something we all would love to do.

And it is entirely possible to do so. This article will look at some of the most incredible islands to rent around the world. It will look at private islands in every corner of the globe, including the Caribbean, the Pacific, the U.S, Europe, Scandinavia, and many more.

Some private islands include every facility you could want. Do you love swimming pools, 5-star luxury houses, water sports, or exotic nature? If so, there is a private island that will cater to your interests.

There isn’t anything better than being on a secluded island with your best friends or closest family, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Let’s look at a few fantastic options.

Whiskey Island Lodge, New York

The Whiskey Island Lodge is an incredible island retreat with every facility you need. Visitors will enjoy the island’s stunning views, including pristine views of the sunrise, sunsets, and stars at night. The island is perfect for fishing, swimming, and boating, especially in the summer months. You will love the various decks around the island; they include deck chairs perfect for sunbathing, relaxing, and enjoying the views.

And the island is extremely popular with artists that enjoy the soulful feeling of the island. Visitors include artists, museums, and actors who retreat to the island to find creativity. Furthermore, if you love history, you will love the fact this island is home to a cottage which is one of the oldest in the 1000 islands – it’s perfect for families, friends, couples, and anyone looking for a secluded getaway from the hustle and bustle of New York City.

Stout Island Lodge, Wisconsin

If you’re looking for a beautiful island perfect for a romantic getaway, you should look to visit Stout Island Lodge. This secluded island paradise is ideal for couples, families, and friends. And the island includes a historic resort, a pillar of the island since the early 20th century. Visitors will love the island’s adventurous vibe, including hiking trails, swimming spots, and canoeing options.

It’s also a haven for those who love to play sports. The island has a terrific golf course, which is ideal for those who love a few rounds of golf. And better still, the island is home to tennis courts, lawn games, and excellent sporting options – you will never be bored on this island. The island includes a fabulous restaurant that offers Midwest Regional Cuisine using many ingredients from the area’s indigenous tribes.

Little Palm Island, Florida

Florida is a great state with great weather, nature, and beaches, extending to the beautiful Little Palm Island. This secluded private island is a tropical haven for anyone looking for a relaxing vacation. Visitors will love beachfront bungalows that use British West Indies design with a modern theme. These bungalows lead straight out onto pristine white sand beaches.

The Little Palm Island Resort & Spa is full of outstanding facilities, including an emphasis on serenity. Ringing phones are banned, but if you still want to send work emails, the island has full-wifi in areas. Guests will love the fantastic swimming pool which is surrounded by gorgeous palm trees and spellbinding views. You can bring your friends or take your partner to this private island and marvel in the peaceful seclusion of Little Palm Island. If you love to go sailing or yachting, the island’s marina is excellent for docking. You can dock in the marina and relax and unwind for a few days on this private island retreat. It’s important to note there are no kids allowed on the island, there is a true emphasis on peace and quiet. Therefore, the resort has no televisions and no telephones.

Watch Island, New York

Watch Island is a terrific private island that is ideal for a secluded family getaway. The island includes the Watch Island Lodge with nine bedrooms and the capability to sleep 17 adults and two children under ten. If you want to take a large group area on a retreat – how perfect is that? The island has ample space for family friends, including numerous places for adults to relax and enjoy the magnificent surroundings.

The lodge includes numerous amenities such as a gas BBQ, a fully equipped kitchen, pillows and blankets, fishing poles, and plenty of kayaks. You will never get bored with the island, and you will love the Boldt Caste – one of the main tourist attractions of the 1000 islands. The castle dates back to the early 20th century, when the wealthy Boldt family built the castle on their favorite island retreat. The island includes a dock, and you can bring your boat here and safely dock it in the island’s marina. If you love to go swimming, the water is calm and clear due to the dock facing Blind Bay. You can do anything in the dock from swimming, sunbathing, and even a little bit of fishing.

Necker Island, BVI

Necker Island is one of the most famous islands on the planet. It has become synonymous with British billionaire Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson, who purchased the island and developed it into a premier tourist destination. There are so many reasons he chose this island, including the majestic tropical beauty, secluded feeling, unique wildlife, and beautiful weather – you couldn’t ask for a more exotic tropical location.

The Necker Island Resort is perfect for anyone looking for a relaxing escape; it is popular with couples and families. Visitors will enjoy the many water sports that are on offer, including kitesurfing, windsurfing, and many more. Furthermore, the island includes fabulous spa treatments, daytime excursions, and nightlife. A popular daytime excursion is Anegada island, home to the third biggest barrier reef globally. The island has become notorious for excellent partying on the island and has a fantastic bar and restaurant.

Turtle Island, Fiji

Turtle Island is your dream tropical destination in the pacific – the island is 500 acres of paradise. It’s home to a fantastic array of luxury private villas that are the ultimate relaxing escape. Visitors will love the fabulous Vonu Point, which offers spellbinding views of the blue lagoon and the nearby islands in the Yasawas. It even includes a relaxing indoor spa and the excellent privacy that comes with that.

And it doesn’t stop there; the island has 12 private beaches with fantastic crystal clear and blue waters to relax on. Do you love delicious seafood? If so, you will adore the incredible seafood on offer on the island. There are various fresh fruits and vegetables grown on the island; you will never be short of fresh, healthy, and delightful food. Turtle Island is the ultimate cultural experience, and the local hosts will care for you and help you have the most memorable experience.

Victor Island, Australia

Australia isn’t short of isolated natural wonder, but Victor Island is the epitome of Australia’s beauty. This island is home to fabulous beaches, crystal clear waters, and true Aussie paradise. Visitors will love the variety of walking trails on offer that will help you to explore the island. The island is also notorious for fantastic fishing, with the general Mackay Region being a premier fishing spot on Australia’s east coast.

The beach house can accommodate up to 8 people with four bedrooms and two bathrooms. There is ample space for all your family and friends. And if you want a wide array of excellent facilities, you will enjoy the dining fully equipped kitchen facilities, widescreen TV, BBQ, leather lounge, high-speed wifi, and many more. If you want to eat delicious food, the island’s restaurant offers incredible cuisine from tasty seafood to fresh fruit and vegetables. There is even unlimited wine, beer, and cider, perfect for drinking while relaxing in the Queensland heat.

Three Hummock Island

If you want an adventurous getaway on a remote private island, then Australia’s Three Hummock Island is a treat for you. Situated off the coast of Australia’s famous Tasmania Island, you will find Hummock Island and all its beauty. You will never be bored on this remote island – the island has an array of superb bushwalking trails that are synonymous with Australia. The island has some of the best fishing, snorkelling, and swimming spots in the area.

The homestead is exclusively yours when you come to this island. Visitors will love the house, which is overlooking fields full of native kangaroos. The home includes a large deck area that showcases the homestead’s stunning surroundings – perfect for your morning coffee. And you will love Home Beach, which is a long and secluded beach that’s perfect for relaxing with friends and family. If you’re looking to bring people along, the homestead will cater to many family and friends. It has four bedrooms and three king-size beds, and ample space to enjoy a memorable time on this majestic island North of Tasmania.

Crow Rock Island, Canada

Crow Rock Island is the perfect private island in Canada. The island is a secluded paradise with numerous islands to escape and relax on. People who visit this island love Sunset Point and Cloverleaf island, which offer a fantastic retreat from life’s stresses. The Dafcik family runs the island and has 60 years of experience running it. They are incredible hosts that know how to create the perfect private island retreat.

Guests will marvel at the array of world-class fishing options available around the island – you will always have massive fish to catch. There are 14,000 islands with five trophy fish: Northern Pike, Muskie, Lake Trout, Walleye, and Bass. The hosts have only one goal to ensure that all guests have the ultimate Canadian fishing experience. And better still, the private island includes a great restaurant that cooks the best local seafood. You can also visit the exclusive remote lakes, which are only for guests. You will be the only angler on the lake – an authentic fishing dream.

Littleisland Lighthouse, Norway

Many people see Norway as one of the world’s most beautiful countries, and Litteisland Lighthouse is the perfect private island retreat in this scenic country. The island has a distinguished history and has had settlers for the past 6000 years, and even more impressive; there is a cave that is over 100,000 years old. The locals first lit the lighthouse in October 1912; it became the second most powerful lighthouse in Norway.

If you love adventure, you will love this secluded island. Even getting to the island requires you to get a private boat across the open seas. You will arrive on the island and have to walk up 200 steps to the lighthouse. And you will be greeted with incredible views of the island from above. Furthermore, the island has an endless array of things to do, such as hiking the scenic and beautiful trails and fishing for substantial local fish. The accommodation is comfortable, includes all meals, and is perfect for secluded relaxation away from life’s stresses.

Isla del Burguillo, Spain

When people think of Spain, they think of beautiful beaches, weather, and scenery. How about having all that on your Spanish private island? Isla del Burguillo is an idyllic private island off the coast of Spain that is perfect for those looking for a secluded break away from the stress of life. The area is home to pine forests, vineyards, and fruit trees.

The island is perfect for family and friends – you will never run out of things to do. The island is excellent for swimming, rowing, hiking, sailing, and fishing. And if you love Spanish food, there is a fantastic restaurant with some of the best local food. Visitors will love the gorgeous castle that they stay in on the island. It is a secluded castle with four bedrooms and the capability to house up to ten people. It’s hard to find a better way to escape from the stress of life in the Mediterranean.