Glamping NSW – 18 Top Glamping Locations

Are you thinking about going glamping in NSW, Australia?

There are many great places in the world to go glamping – if you are in Australia, the great natural outdoors is one of the best ways to experience the true beauty of this wonderful country.

It’s the best way to remove yourself from the stresses of life and escape to places where the only living creatures are local wallabies and koalas.

Glamping in Australia offers a true escape from city life, and glamping in NSW means you’re only a few hours outside Sydney. Still, you feel an eternity away from the bustling city of 6 million people.

In NSW there are various spots all along the coast, and in the bush, where you can go glamping.

Australia is such a uniquely beautiful country, with vast bushy wilderness, majestic native wildlife, breathtaking coastline and fantastic climate. There are not many countries on earth with such natural beauty and space to enjoy.

This article is our selection of the best glamping spots in NSW.

Bubble Tent Australia

Bubble Tent is an innovative concept, and brand new to Australia. These tents offer the most incredible views of the Blue Mountains National Park.

view from Bubbletent Australia Blue Mountains

Photo Credit – Mayumi Iwasaki

The Bubble Tent provides the most outstanding views of the stars at night than you could imagine as you lie in bed and glare into the night sky.

The Bubble Tent offers three options, Leo, Virgo, and Cancer. The tents are in absolute privacy tucked away in the quiet bushland, and the only thing that might disturb you are the local wallabies. A fantastic place to stay.

Woodfired Bathtub at Bubbletent Australia

Photo Credit – Bubble Tent Australia

Sierra Escape

The Sierra Escape is next to Mudgee, one of Australia’s most significant wine regions. Surrounded by beautiful Aussie bushland and secluded privacy, this is a superb glamping option.

Sierra Escape Uralla Tent Credit - Guy Williment

Photo Credit: Guy Williment

There are three options, Carinya, Dulili, and Uralla. And they all have one thing in common. They have the most incredible outdoor deck that offers insane views of the surrounding area.

Urella provides an excellent outdoor bathtub which you can enjoy whilst you relax with a glass of local wine from Mudgee. All the tents have fantastic living facilities and provide exquisite luxury glamping experiences.

Donnybrook Eco Retreat

Sitting on a 100-acre retreat, the Donnybrook Eco Retreat is a fantastic option if you want an authentic glamping experience.

The retreat is next to the NSW wine region the Hunter Valley and is a superb place to be if you’re heading to this area.

Donnybrook Eco Retreat NSW

Photo Credit: Donnybrook Eco Retreat

The luxury tent offers excellent space and a comfortable bed with a generous ensuite bathroom. The deck provides top views of the surrounding areas and the vast bushland.

This retreat is pretty off-grid, it’s a secluded area and a fantastic escape away from Sydney, and only a 2-hour 30-minute drive from the city.

Paperbark Camp

Jervis Bay is one of Australia’s most beautiful national parks, home to the beach with the whitest sand in the world; there aren’t many better places in NSW to go glamping.

Paperbark Camp Glamping NSW

Photo Credit: Paperbark Camp

Paperbark Camp offers 13 safari-style tents with excellent facilities, surrounded by bush and nature. All of the tents provide ample outdoor seating and great views of the surroundings.

The tents have fantastic inner facilities, they all come with comfortable beds, high-quality linen, an open-air bathroom and polished hardwood flooring. If you’re looking to escape to Jervis Bay, this is a fantastic place to stay.

South Coast Retreat

If you’re in the beautiful South Coast of NSW, then South Coast Retreat is a fantastic option for you. The location is superb, not far from the world-class Jervis Bay National Park.

South Coast Retreat Safari Tent NSW

Photo Credit – Safari Tent at South Coast Retreat

South Coast Retreat offers luxury glamping tents designed for any time of the year, with fans for the summer, and electric blankets for winter. The safari tents are fully furnished, intended to match hotel luxuries.

South Coast Retreat also welcome up to two friendly dogs inside and outside of all their accommodation options, all year round.

The tents have partial sea views and offer kitchens, large beds and large and modern bathrooms. The area around the tents is phenomenal, with world-class coastline and white beaches – what a fantastic option.

Go Glamping

Inside luxury tent Go Glamping NSW

Photo Credit: Go Glamping, NSW

Go Glamping offers a mobile glamping service bringing their range of luxury tents to the place of your choice. If you’re on the Central Coast, in the Hunter Valley or on your private property, they can help you.

Go Glamping tents have various options, but a popular choice is the chill-out lounge which is a bell tent with beautiful intricate design and fantastic seating options.

Go Glamping mobile glamping NSW

Photo Credit: Go Glamping, NSW

Another option is the Alfresco Dining option, which is a 6m double door tent which includes dinnerware, cushion, rugs and ideal living space to relax.

The Escape

Situated on the River Clyde, and surrounded by gorgeous state national parks and bushland, The Escape offers the perfect glamping experience. It is only 2 hours from the Australian capital city of Canberra and only 2 hours from the biggest city of Sydney.

The Escape offers guests the option of a luxury studio that has a kitchen, dining facilities and a hot heater for those chilly winter nights. They have widespread outdoor decks to sit and enjoy the surrounding beauty.

The Escape also offers luxury tents that provide excellent views of the River Clyde. They include a cosy queen size bed and ample outdoor seating options.

Turon Gates

Turon Gates are just two and a half hours from Australia’s busiest city of Sydney, yet it’s hard to find such a contrast. Turon Gates are in the secluded bush heaven of the Blue Mountains National Park, a national park that is older than the Grand Canyon.

Turon Gates Glamping Tent Blue Mountains NSW

Photo Credit: Turon Gates, Blue Mountains

Turon Gates offers a variety of terrific options. Visitors can enjoy the prospect of fantastic Glamping tents that have massive space and can house up to 3 people. The tents offer a kitchenette, comfy seating options and a great outdoor deck.

You will walk out of the tents into pure bushland and nature. With the local wallabies and kangaroos congregating, you will feel at one with nature.

Tanja Lagoon Camp

Situated in the isolated, dreamy, and scenic Sapphire Coast, Tanja Lagoon Camp offers fantastic glamping tents. The Sapphire Coast is a very remote part of NSW, located between Sydney and Melbourne; it’s a great way to get lost in nature.

Tanja Lagoon provides first-class facilities offering kitchens, full dining facilities and spacious decks. All the tents have a comfy and spacious queen size bed. The tents even have ensuites bathrooms.

If you’re looking to go remote and escape to the South Coast, you will be hard-pressed to find a better spot than here, and even more hard-pressed to find better glamping options.

Nash Dale Lane

If you love wine and love glamping, then Nash Dale Lane couldn’t be more perfect for you. These fantastic glamping tents offer excellent wine that is from the grapes grown on their vineyard.

These luxury tents have a vast array of fantastic luxury facilities such as private showers, solid hardwood flooring, a woodfire for cold months, queen size beds and a sizable fridge that is perfect for keeping your wine cold.

You will walk out of the tents into a fantastic Orange County Vineyard, and you will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery on offer from this part of NSW.

Suffolk Beachfront Holiday Park

There aren’t many better spots to be located in NSW than in Byron Bay. This beautiful coastal town is a tourist haven with breathtaking scenery and beaches—what a great place.

Suffolk Beachfront Holiday Park includes a selection of fabulous Safari Tents that are furnished, comfortable and homely. The tents offer fantastic kitchen facilities and bathrooms and are incredibly cosy.

Some of the more giant tents even have TV’s and air conditioning, which you may need in the summer. The holiday park is a fantastic option to stay in if you want a superb glamping experience in one of Australia’s coolest towns.

The Hideaway Cabarita Beach

The Hideaway Cabarita Beach is in Northern NSW, located close to the Tweed Coast. The location is perfect for heading out to the local world-class beaches.

The site offers a wide range of tents, including 23 luxury tents that offer excellent seating facilities and comfortable beds. The best thing about the holiday park is the beach access, with the park located next to the beaches.

The location of this holiday park is the biggest bonus of staying here, and even better it’s located next to Queensland so that you can hop the border at any time.


Having reopened after the bushfires of 2019 damaged the camps, Flash Camp has opened an excellent site just 3 hours south of Sydney.

The camp is located deep in the bush, and the camp is very secluded. There is no mobile phone signal here; it’s a perfect escape.

The tents are a superb option if you’re on a budget, the tents can sleep up to four people, and they provide excellent beds and seating areas. The camp has many great amenities such as games rooms, a wash-up space and food preparation area.

Glamping Out

Glamping Out offers a unique and fantastic mobile camping out service. The service can come to you and set up at a campsite or a private property, giving you the freedom of choosing where to stay.

Glamping out is an excellent option if you’re in the Nowra area of NSW. There are some great options such as the basic bell tent which has one double bed and can accommodate four people.

Another option is the bigger quad share which has two beautiful double beds and is extremely spacious. Glamping Out is a unique service that is a superb option that gives you all the choice.

Lane Cove Holiday Park

Referred to as Sydney Bushland Retreat, Lane Cove Holiday Park is a fantastic option if you’re in Sydney. The location is only 10km from Sydney CBD and is very close to public transport.

The Tandara Glamping Tent is a large and private space that offers fantastic comfort and privacy. The tents include deluxe queens beds, excellent decks with top views and outstanding interior design.

The tents include a marvellous ensuite bathroom which even has its town bath. The location is perfectly tucked away in the bushland, and the only thing that may disturb you is the Aussie wildlife.


Providing a fantastic mobile glamping service, Glampr offers the opportunity to bring a luxury tent to the place of your choice. Just as long as you’re within a 100km radius of Sydney CBD, they will meet you.

The tents are superb with the luxury bell tents offering high-quality foam mattresses, USB charging facilities, outdoor seating, rugs and doormats. These tents will feel like home.

And all of the recommended sites provided by Glampr have BBQ’s on-site so that you can cook fantastic food and enjoy your experience of glamping in the location of your choice.

Tallaringa Luxury Camping

In the heart of Northern NSW, this is an excellent glamping option. Tallaringa Luxury Camping is next to Tweeds Head and only an hours drive from surfers paradise.

The site includes fantastic amenities such as TV’s, showers and bathtubs. And the tents are warm in the winter and cool during the summer months; it is an excellent option if you are looking for a well-priced glamping experience.

There are larger tents that have two double beds and can accommodate up to six people. Another bonus from these tents is they are pet friendly. That is fantastic for all you guys that have pets.

Love Cabins

Nestled away in the remarkable Blue Mountains National Park, just 2 hours west of Sydney is the Love Cabins. Love Cabins offer a wide range of tents that are secluded and perfect for a relaxing time.

The tents are spacious and are ideal for summer and winter. The Love Tee Pee option is perfect for those that are looking for a comfortable glamping experience. They even have a kitchenette, living room and spa bath attached.

If you’re in the Blue Mountains National Park, then this is an attractive option and one that will leave you relaxed, in a secluded spot, and give you a wonderful break.

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